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Елена Сергова и Богдана ReBright


Studio ReBright was born shortly after the acquaintance of Bogdana and Elena, who firmly realized that it was time to create a home for selected preloved bridal dresses. 


After a few shared cocktails and Bohdana's story about her wedding skirt, made from a curtain, combined with a simple silk top, Elena is sure that if she ever gets offered, she will do the same.


It's just a pity that she can't sew and lives in Belgium, where curtains are a "corner"... 

Bohdana's years of work experience at Atlas Atelier show that sewing a wedding dress is a long and tiring process that is not proportional to the pleasure of an evening.  


After all, it was also the most important evening for a nurse (which in time they will realize is a myth just like the first wedding night).

After another "Chin-chin" it occurs to them to look at what is happening online with the preloved options, in case someone dares to take Elena as a wife. The two are adamant that the dress should be "wow", but without costing so many different resources that it deserves its own excel sheet. 


They're sure they're not the only ones who feel this way. 


This is how they created Studio ReBright - a physical boutique with an uncompromising selection of preloved bridal dresses, in which you can fall in love at first sight and feel "The One and only".

wedding dress with open back close up
voil skirt of a wedding dress
close up of a hand holding a bag


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